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How to Save Money on Crane Rentals

Financial success in the construction industry is simple - the less you spend, the more money you can make. Apply this mindset to every aspect of your business, including crane rentals. While renting saves you money in and of itself, you can learn additional ways to multiply your crane rental savings.

Double-Check for Accuracy

When you double-check for accuracy, you minimize the risk of a mistake, which will help you save on your rental fees. Cranes vary immensely in terms of their design and capabilities. The worst case scenario is to end up with the wrong crane at your worksite.
If you rent the wrong crane, you will not only waste money on the initial rental but also have to cover the cost of a second rental. Additionally, work on the project will halt. If you're working on a massive project, even a delay of a day can lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue, especially if the delay causes you to go past the projected completion date.
Always recheck the specifications of the project before securing your rental to avoid this scenario.

Get Clearance

In addition to having a licensed crane operator, there are instances when a permit, or at the very least, permission, is required to operate the crane, particularly in high-traffic commercial areas. If you start working on the site and receive notification that you don't have proper clearance to do so, all your efforts may have to come to a stop.
Depending on the clearance procedure, it could delay the crane rental operation for days, which is both costly and time-consuming. Even if there are no readily identifiable guidelines, it's a good idea to contact the Volusia County permit and zoning center for further guidance. It's always better to be safe than to be sorry, especially when it comes to money.

Plan Around Traffic

Consider traffic when arranging the time of your rental. Traffic in the Daytona Beach area might not compare to the congestion madness of Miami, but there are still challenges. If you're transporting the crane yourself, keep in mind that the crane rental hourly rate typically begins the moment you drive the unit off the lot.
If you pick up the crane during the height of rush hour, the 20-minute drive to your worksite could multiply into 60 minutes, which is an hour of wasted time. The longer the period you have the crane, the more you could potentially pay. Plan your pick-up time during a period when traffic is typically light so that you can get to and from your worksite quickly and save money.  

Prepare the Worksite in Advance

Consider the project you're planning to use the crane for. Most likely, several days or weeks went into planning the project. Ensure you're also preparing for the crane rental. The moment the crane arrives on site, you should be ready to use the crane. Start by determining the most efficient space to operate the crane from.
The ideal space is an open area that is free of any obstructions, including power lines and tree branches. Next, clear the area of any obstacles on the ground, such as other equipment. You can also pre-stage a safety barrier around the area.
Next, organize all the items you plan to lift on the crane. Whether you pay an hourly or daily rate, when the worksite is not prepped, you only increase the cost of your rental.
Make sure you're applying these money-saving tips whenever you rent a crane. For all your projects, large and small, at Bryson Crane Rental Service, LLC, we have the selection of cranes you need to get the job done.