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A Contractor's Guide to Lifting Personnel With Crane Man Baskets

Crane And Operator
Construction projects usually require lifting workers to great heights. Some sites require and use scaffolding to provide a stable platform for workers to access elevated structures.
While methods such as scaffolding have their own advantages, they may be unsuitable for some sites, and the cost of scaffolding can add up quickly too. Using equipment such as crane man baskets can be a safe and cost-effective alternative for lifting personnel at a construction site. 
Here is a quick guide to help you learn more about the benefits of crane man baskets and to familiarize yourself with the safety standards before renting this equipment. 

Benefits of Crane Man Baskets

Crane man baskets have several advantages, especially for the contractor who seeks value for money.
Contractors or employers have a legal obligation to provide safe working conditions for their workers. When properly installed, crane man baskets are a safe and practical method of accessing heights that lifts or scaffold may be unable to attain.
Quick to Install
Depending on the size and unique needs of your project, scaffolding can take several hours to set up, and the man-hours will have a direct impact on your construction costs.
On the other hand, a qualified operator can attach a man basket to a crane quickly and disassemble the equipment equally fast, therefore, saving you time.
In addition to their quick installation, crane man baskets can lift heavy loads at a reasonably fast rate. Some man baskets can accommodate several workers, therefore keeping the number of cranes and lifts at the construction site to a minimal. 
Crane-suspended work platforms are suitable for use in many different applications and construction environments including those with difficult to access walls and heights. Additionally, you can easily adjust a man basket to your preferred working height.

Safety Considerations for Crane Man Baskets

Contractors and their crew should understand the requirements for operating crane-mounted man baskets to ensure safe operations at the worksite.
In 2010, OSHA provided several standards regulating the use of crane man baskets. Below are some important safety tips to consider.
Construction and Design
The design of the man basket should adhere to proper engineering practices, be built to standard, and be inspected for safety.
Load Capacity
A loaded crane-mounted man basket should not exceed 50 percent of its rated load capacity. The basket should be able to support its own weight too.
Anti-Two Blocking System
To prevent two-blocking - that is, when the upper and lower pulleys of the crane touch each other and increase the risk of an accident - the crane should have an anti-two-blocking system.
Fall Protection
All personnel riding a man basket should wear a self-retracting lanyard and a full-body harness.
Qualified operators should inspect the crane daily and conduct a trial lift to ensure the crane is in proper working condition. Areas of concern include the slings, grab rails, access gates and locks, the frame, and any other parts whose malfunction can compromise safety.
Work Practices
The occupants being hoisted in a crane man basket must remain in direct sight and be able to communicate with the operator at all times. The person in charge should not lift personnel if there are any indications of dangerous weather conditions or any other potential danger. If the lifting operation is in progress, the operator must terminate it immediately.
A crane-mounted man basket can be an effective way to access hard-to-reach heights. Be sure to rent your man baskets from a reputable vendor that offers safe and well-maintained equipment.
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